Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Our New Years

Our New Years
Dec 30th, 31st & Jan 1st

New Years Transitions:
We have just passed through one third of our trip together while simultaneously leaving one year and entering another. 
It's a bit odd being in the middle of one "season" {Outreach} yet transitioning "seasons" {From one year to the next}.
We are definitely feeling the spiritual shift in more ways then one. 
     Firstly the time we've spent in Tahiti has really been focused on growing us in how we work together as a team and now it seems to be transitioning into putting on our armor for a different battle. In the first couple days of the New year God has really been highlighting the need to put on His armor because we will constantly be moving through new spiritually heavy climates on each of the Islands.     
 Another shift besides embarking to the other Islands is gaining a new addition to our team. 
Anna, one of the leaders of our school, will be making a pastoral visit and staying with our team for the rest of the trip. We can hardly wait to see her! We know that this is going to shift the dynamic of our team once again but we are excited knowing how the shifts have come at God's perfect timing.

Our Three Day New Years Celebration:

"For New Years we had a wonderful time of cultural exchange with Nony, Alan and family. We helped collect, prepare and hang different plants, leaves, and flowers for decorations the 2 days before. We also helped prepare two wonderful meals. The meal for New Year's Eve consisted of Langoustines (like lobster), leg of lamb and turkey with a plumb pineapple sauce, mussels, various appetizers, potatoes au gratin, and quiche. For New Years day, we helped prepare the Hima (a large underground oven) for 2 pigs, pooee (banana and guava pudding), bread fruit, and plantain bananas. We also enjoyed poisson cru, more fafaru (though none of us ate any this time), various shellfish including barnacles in a cream sauce, rice, and much more. It was delicious! Our fun time was made complete with dancing, wonderful conversations, volleyball, and swimming at the beach."

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