Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Friday Papeete Ministry

Friday Papeete Ministry 
Jan 3rd

"So, At first I was in one team with Sam a Korean guy, Duke an American guy and Orama a Tahitian girl. At first when we were walking in the street we wanted to be led by the Holy Spirit and Orama felt like we should go talk to these two Tahitian guys, because they were the only two people at the Port who did not have a drink. When Orama went to go talk to them, I just felt like I didn't need to go talk to them. I don't know why, but I turned my face and started to walk a few steps in the other direction. That's when I saw a woman living on the streets who I'd met about two weeks ago. Last time I met this woman I prayed for her while she was extremely drunk and crying. Now she looked gorgeous because she wasn't drinking, and her face looked a lot healthier. When I went to go talk with her she was wearing pajamas and holding a pillow because she was ready for bed. Instead of going to drink with her friends she was smiling and going to bed. I started to speak with her and she said "It was really nice because you started to speak with me about my kids." It was that moment that Mathieu passed by with his team: Holly and Austin. So I asked if they wanted to come and pray with me for her. That's when Holly came and gave her encouraging words about her beauty. I told her that she looked beautiful tonight. Holly, who doesn't speak french, didn't really know what was going on because of the language but began to pray for her. Holly had so much compassion for this woman that she began to cry and she was receiving a lot of good words for her. Holly was super excited about praying for this woman. 
It was the first time Holly and Austin had dome street evangelism, so Mathieu and I explained it to them and they began to understand it more as we went out."

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