Thursday, 20 February 2014

...Just Breathe...

...Just Breathe...
{The Finale}

The last days have continued to be incredibly filled and long,
& your prayers have continued to lift us on wings.
Yesterday, during our second last day in French Polynesia, we had a pre-wedding celebration for Mathieu and Farrah Tahitian style! 
There were so many blessings filling our last days.
We were reminded of the incredible generosity of the French Polynesian people. 
Now we have nearly half a day left before we embark on our 25hr journey back home to France.
Just remembering to keep breathing as we reach the finish line. 

“Never have I been anywhere where people gave us so much, so freely.” ~Anna

“The very last day has been filled with many moments of little but powerful encouragements where God reminded me to ‘Just Breathe’” ~ Casia

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